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The EU Introduces the "Green Agreement Industry Plan"
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The European Commission recently released the "Green Agreement Industry Plan"


The European Commission recently released the "Green Agreement Industry Plan", intending to improve the competitiveness of Europe's zero carbon industry in the coming years through a series of supportive measures to address the adverse effects of the US Inflation Reduction Act on Europe.

The 'Green Agreement Industry Plan' includes four core contents: firstly, to build a predictable and concise and efficient management system; secondly, to accelerate the acquisition of funds from the EU and EU countries; thirdly, to enhance skills suitable for green transformation; fourthly, to promote open trade measures that contribute to supply chain resilience. Reuters reported that this policy aims to enhance the competitiveness of green technology in the European Union and respond to large-scale subsidy policies in the United States. European Commission President von der Leyen said that in the process of tackling climate change, zero carbon industry is the most important. Nowadays, major countries are increasing investment in zero carbon industries, and the shape and positioning of a zero carbon economy will be determined in the coming years. Europe should have a place in this field.

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